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Thread: You can add LUCAS BARTON to the list of SCAMMERS

  1. Yuck You can add LUCAS BARTON to the list of SCAMMERS

    Ok... I'm gonna describe every little detail....

    Awhile back I saw that Lucas Burton had a thread in the Trade Depot that he wants to sell/trade his Suikoden. I got his AIM screen name through TNL and messaged him around FEBRUARY 11th or so. At first we came on an agreement of 20 dollars and he said he'll let me know when he can send it out (we agreed on Priority Mail with confirmation and to send together on same day). A couple of days later, he decides to do a trade instead so I tell him the games I have and he wants my Beach Spikers for the GC. Well everything went seemed to be going ok until FEBURARY 18th when he decides to IM me and say, "Hey, I'll be sending out your package later today". Since he lives in California and I live in NYC, of course I ended up sending my package first due to the difference in our time. I came home and gave him the confirmation number "0303 2460 0000 6888 7038" and he asked me to PM him the number, which I did. Later on that day, I IM him and asked if he has sent out my package and he says "I'll be on my way out to grab something to eat in 30 minutes so I'll do it then" and let me tell you, that was the LAST TIME I saw him on AIM (Someone who came on constantly before that). I waited for 2 days thinking maybe there were some problems and after those 2 days, just decided to PM him to see what's going on

    "Hey, since the time I gvae you the confirmation number, I haven't seen or heard from you or gotten a confirmation number of your package. I was wondering what's going on. Is there a problem?"

    That was my exact PM to him. He doesnt answer my PM and still didn't come on AIM. I waited patiently until another two days later, I found out he's still posting in the forums regularly. This started to get me worried and PM'ed him again... no response. I was trying to be polite about it til then, but decided to send him a message letting him know how I felt of the situation.

    "I've been patient til now. I've trusted you since I've seen you in the forums for a long time. After I sent my item to you, you totally disappear on aim and don't answer my PM's. If you did send it, you were supposed to have given me the confirmation and could have answered my PM telling me so. Also, you can't give me a lame excuse such as having computer problems since I checked your last couple of posts you've been posting these couple of days. There's nothing you can possibly say to justify your actions. If you couldn't send it on time you could of pm'ed or im'ed me telling me so and not just simply disappear and ignore me. I checked the confirmation number of my item which was shipped to you and I see that it got there safe and sound. If I dont get my package by monday or atleast hear from you, I'll do everything in my power to see that you get what you deserve. Even if the item does arrive, this have been a very bad experience."

    That was the PM I sent him and what do you know? he PM's me back with a message titled "Chill Out" on the 23rd saying:

    "it'll be on its way tomorrow.

    sorry, but my girlfriend has been bitching at me like shit to pack so we can move out already.

    doubt you care about whatever excuse i give you, but whatever, it's all good. feel free to do all the bitching you want on the boards."

    I was confused... he basically tries to turn it back on me. Trying to make me feel guilty. I don't see what is so time consuming about sending out a single package or getting online and telling something came up when he had the time in the world to be posting messages here. Ofcourse I didn't care about whatever excuse he gave me since if he received my package, I should get my end of the deal too or atleast he should of told me this in advance INSTEAD OF IGNORING ME. Ok anyway, I just wanted to get my package and get this over with so I replied to him apologizing saying, I didn't mean to accuse him of anything, but I think I deserved to know what's going on and I would like the confirmation number as soon as he sends it out the next day (a pm he checked). ME, the person who held up the part of the bargain, apologize... it's rediculous.

    If I would of gotten the package after that, I wouldn't have posted anything on the boards about this, but nope. After the last pm he have not posted anything on the boards, come on AIM, send me the confirmation #, or notify me in any way. I tried to be optimistic about it and decided to give it the 3 days to see if get the message or atleast HEAR from this person again (3 days since priority mail takes 2-3 days max.. thinking maybe he just didn't send me the confirmation) Well the 3 days are up and nothing yet from this guy.

    I trusted him since I saw him posting on these forums for a very long time, but nope this has turned out to be a horrible experience. I still don't know what's going to happen... I'm asking you guys, who may have experienced the same type of situation to please tell me what I can possibly do in this situation. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

    I just realized, he's a mod of this part of the forums. I find that funny... I would think someone in charge of this part of the forums will be more responsible.

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    You could spell his name right.

    But seriously, it just sounds like he keeps putting it off... I don't think he's actually trying to steal from you. Lord knows I put off paying for stuff and sending stuff out... after work, I just get lazy.

    Odds are, he'll send it out. Yeah, it sucks, but I doubt he'd try to actually scam you, if that's any consolation.
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  3. oops, fixed the name. Thanks.

    but don't you think it's irresponsible for someone to have received my package and put it off? I mean he basically avoids my messages. What am I supposed to think? I also just realized he's a mod of this part of the forum. Its funny since I would think someone who's in charge of the Trade Depot User Feedback part of the forum would be a little more responsible.

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    I never said it wasn't irresponsible, and it sucks.

    I'm just saying I think he's more lazy than a scammer, is all.
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  5. Holy crap dude, you should never trade with anyone especially over the web if you get this worked up over it.

    Shit I lent DKC(SNES) to someone who I thought was a friend who lived next door, he kept putting off givint it back to me for 6 months and left the country with it. I only remembered it now because you were bitching about this.

    Don't ever lend anything to anyone again and I also recommend to get a safe for your games.

    Give him about a month, then if he still doesn't give it to you, kill all his close relatives and family members one by one until he does.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mzo
    I never said it wasn't irresponsible, and it sucks.

    I'm just saying I think he's more lazy than a scammer, is all.
    Yeah I know what you mean.. and I do really hope you are right.

  7. Lucas owned you so bad.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by SHiNgO
    Yeah I know what you mean.. and I do really hope you are right.
    Don't worry, he is. Lucas is unbelievably lazy, but I highly doubt he would cheat anyone.
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  9. I hope you're right Andy. I used to hear the same thing about NGEFreek.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Damian79
    Holy crap dude, you should never trade with anyone especially over the web if you get this worked up over it.
    Nonsense. If people can't muster the puny responsiblity required to send out a package (or money) they've promised to send, they're tools.

    Most folks who make, or try to make, an actual living quickly learn that if you don't deliver, you are promptly written off with no second chances.

    Edit: As for Lucas, I don't know him at all, but I do hope he makes good on the deal.
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