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Thread: What's the absolute cheapest place for me to buy...

  1. What's the absolute cheapest place for me to buy...

    I want to buy a 300GB HDD (5400 rpm).

    I know some of you guys that build computers probably know where to get one of these a lot cheaper than say, Best Buy.

    So hook it up!


    or check out

    They are like only better.

  3. is cheap and reliable. Most big ticket items there are free shipping.

    *edit - $260 but not in stock. sorry

  4. Awesome.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    UPDATE: New Egg has almost NOTHING in stock, as far as HDDs go.

    How about this one?

    I want to use it for my Xbox, so is that a good choice?

  5. theres also which is more you put in what your looking for and they list every online place selling it and for how much and what not
    Where I play
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  6. You gotta watch out for that shit dude, make sure the hdd is lockable otherwise your box ain't gonna like it. Most SeaGates, and Western Digitals are.

    PS. 300 is stupid. I've got 80 on mine and I've still got 10 left with ALL of my stuff on there.

  7. I thought 120GB was the maximum capacity that the Xbox would recognise.
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  8. If you live in a major metropolitan area, there should be some free computer rag you can pick up on some street corners.

    Check the ads from local mom'n'pop computer stores, they always have good prices.

  9. Not really. Not even Fry's beats the online stores listed.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by K3V
    I thought 120GB was the maximum capacity that the Xbox would recognise.
    Not according to this:

    Quote Originally Posted by PrecisionMod
    Why limit yourself to the original Xbox HDD? Send us your hard drive to replace the hard drive that's in your Xbox.

    + The Xbox takes any IDE hard drive, up to 300GB. Installation cost does not depend on the size of the hard drive.
    + Upgrade to a 5400rpm or 7200rpm HDD. The 7200rpm will NOT overheat in your Xbox (contrary to rumors). However, there isn't much of a difference in speed between the 5400 and 7200rpm drives on the Xbox. If you're looking to save a few $, go with a 5400rpm HDD.
    + New HDD is prepped and all appropriate software is installed
    + Hard drive will be locked to allow the unit to boot even if a mod-disable switch is installed.
    + Original HDD is unlocked so you can use it in any standard PC (the original Xbox HDD can be re-used in a PC because it is not needed as a backup).


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