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Thread: Hellboy anime?

  1. Hellboy anime?

    I figured since we have a lot of hellboy fans here, they might find this interesting. Guillermo del Toro is quoted saying "We are, and this may fill the fans with joy, we are in talks with a Japanese company to do a Hellboy anime series, and what it will be is it will be short thirty minute chapters, so that you can do 'The Corpse'." in this pretty interesting interview Here

  2. everyone will pretend to hate it because its japanese.

  3. Let's hope they try to emulate Mignola's style as closely as possible.

    I know all the shadows would be a bitch, but it would look so friggin' cool.

  4. The Corpse is one of my most favorite Hellboy stories. In fact, it is the first one I ever read.

    I do hope that if this happens, it goes straight to DVD.
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