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Thread: AnimePlay Magazine [?]

  1. AnimePlay Magazine [?]

    Anyone ever see this thing on the shelves at their B&N? Or better yet, read one?

    The cover story is pretty much the only reason I want to check this thing out... [Issue #4, I mean.]

  2. i have the very first issue and there really wasn't much in the magazine itself. everything that's pointed out in the mag is shown in detail on the dvd itself. i don't know how much the magazine's changed since the first issue, but going on the first issue alone, it was actually pretty decent. it's worth checking out at least once even if the price seems a bit steep at $10. but it sort balances out with NewType. NewType you get a mag ready to burst with content and a dvd. Anime Play you get a flimsy mag and a dvd ready to burst with content. a dvd mag is a nice idea that could work out pretty well if done right.

  3. Its quarterly? Does that mean it only comes out 4 times a year? If so, I'll stick with newtype.

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    I've seen it around at various places. It didn't seem to draw me in enough to buy it so far though. If the DVD content's really interesting I might try it out. Hopefully it will at least be as good as Interactive Entertainment. It was an old CD based gaming mag. The reviews and previews they did were great. Especially when they reviewed a bad game.
    Taking it one day at a time.


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