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Thread: Dragonmaster Dyne's Feedback Thread

  1. Props to Plik and Raystorm

    traded a game with Plik and sold a bundle to Raystorm. both were very fast and always replied to emails in a timely manner. both are highly recommended.

  2. x2y's a great seller

    paid for a ps2 on wednesday and got it the following monday. dude, tons of peanuts and bubble wrap very good seller.

  3. Icarusfalls gets my thumbs up

    got the item ordered today so in all around a week to get (because of paypal e-check garbage). havnt tried it out yet but looks great, packaged good. can't complain

  4. Tones is great......

    finally somebody on the internet that uses fast shipping! paid the man friday night and he got the system sent out saturday and i got it monday. really great guy. would buy from again.

  5. I second that. I paid the man on Saturday and got it the same day! Well... thats because we were face to face but still. A+ seller!
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  6. Yay for tones. He sent my goodies the day after he got my payment, and from our communication seemed like a good guy. We need more like him.


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