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Thread: Whom you can deal with with confidence

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    Whom you can deal with with confidence

    Well, I've finished up a few transactions over the past week, and I can easily say that they've been very smooth.

    Cabbage and DragonmasterDyne both sent out their money very quickly, and Hot Like Wasabi was a very cool guy, judging by the minute or so that we were in each other's presence. All three of these gentlemen were quick to respond to my PM's, and were very kind in the process.

    Glad to do business with you,
    Mitchell C

  2. Heya, just got the goodies in the mail and its working great.

    Thanks a ton bub!
    "Your soul better belong to Jesus, mmm-mmmmm..... cause your ass belongs to me!"

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    Videodrone was a very nice guy to work with. He didn't lowball me or anything, which is very much appreciated (being the seller).

    I hope to do business with you again man,
    Mitchell C


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