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Thread: Dungeon Crawlers!

  1. Quote Originally Posted by skelly
    Well, I can finally go and get PS2 Wizardry to put this KF debate off a bit.
    Good call, PS2 Wizardry was awesome... much better then KF.
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  2. *bangs head on table*

    Can't believe I could forget Vagrant Story.

    One of my favorite games, period. My only real gripe with it is that the weapon customization is so cool, but the menu wrangling to perform such is fairly annoying. Really amazing presentation, and with PS2 texture smoothing, still looks very nice. One of the few PS1 games that benefits immensely from the smoothing.

    Record of Lodoss War is pretty cool. Not a stunning game, but I'm glad I grabbed a copy. The weapon buildup in that is also fun, and there are lots of nifty sidequests. Plus the game is rather staggeringly huge. Hilariously bad slowdown. Literally It's so bad in some places its funny.

    Quote Originally Posted by dog$
    Victrix, I'm still waiting for your Nethack score submission
    I transferred computers and lost my last Nethack save files, so I don't have my current high scores. I MIGHT still have them on another hd, I'll have to check.

    Generally, I can get down the Gehenna on a good run, and the Elemental Planes on a patient run. I tend to get bored right around the end of the quest/start of Gehenna though, there's a LOT of slogging at that point in the game, and a ton of necessary inventory fiddling if you want to get your Ascension Kit (tm) fully prepared. Most of my characters who reach this point don't die, I get bored with them and stop playing. Go figure.

    Something really stupid - I've taught several people how to play Angband/Nethack over the years. One of them has beaten Angband, and I still haven't!
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  3. You guys are including regular ol' RPGs here. I'm just referring to dungeon crawling hack-'n-slashers, like Diablo, D&D Heroes, and RoLW.

    Speaking of King's Field, has anyone played it through completely yet? I beat the first two on PSOne and got about 40 hours out of each. I'd like to know how the PS2 sequel fares in length.

  4. Everything mentioned so far, aside from PC Baldur's Gate and maybe Wizardry 8, is a fully-qualified dungeon crawler. They're not all action-oriented like those three, but the focus is on surviving long dungeons and grabbing lots of loot. Divine Divinity is less dungeon-focused than Diablo (aside from that first dungeon - it's a doozy) but it plays like Diablo with skills cribbed from D&D games.

    And PS2 KF:TAC took me about 30-35 hours. I haven't played any of the PSX KFs to completion, though, so I can't compare the length as far as my play style goes.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Kidnemo
    There is already a better, online capable, more enhanced version available...

    It's called Diablo II.
    As soon as he said that, I KNEW someone was gonna say, "Diablo II, n00b!"
    ...and there we are...

  6. I love me a good Dungeon Crawl!

    I was soo dissapointed with that anime inspired Crawl on Xbox. It had such sweet character art but was a total steaming pile of asses. Big asses. So big I retuned the game in a push-cart and the guy behind the counter was like,"Whoa! That's a lot of steaming asses!"
    Boo, Hiss.

  7. bahahaha

    if I put quotes in my sig, that'd be it
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters
    Shining the Holy Ark

    I would have said that as well, but I don't think that was what he was looking for. It's one of my favorites, BTW.

    There was also Silver for the DC. I enjoyed the demo version of it, included in DC magazine, but I never bought the full game. Someone had a thread about that game last week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Melf
    Rich and I are in the same boat. I checked today and no copies at my local GS. I'll check EB tomorrow when I pick up Ninja Gaiden.

    Best Buy and Fry's Electronics(Don't know if Fry's is a national chain) have the game for $10 or less.

  9. Sadly, neither chain is around here.

    I'll check their sites then.

  10. Melf, my clone?

    Heh, Melf, you must be my clone or something... I am currently playing 'D&D Heroes' and 'Baldur's Gate: DA' on Xbox and 'Record of Lodoss War' on Dreamcast.
    I must say you have a great taste in games!

    'Record of Lodoss War' beats the three of them though, as the world is huge and plentiful of sidequests. I don't know why, but it reminds me of playing 'Fairy Tale Adventure' on the good old Commodore Amiga.


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