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Thread: Two new Klonoa games for GBA!!

  1. Two new Klonoa games for GBA!!

    From <a href="">EuroAsia Gameboy Advance</a>; Namco announced some titles for E3 including:

    Klonoa G2
    Klonoa is back on GBA! sometime in October.

    Klonoa RPG
    The little furball is getting his own RPG on GBA this November.

    Wooooo! Empire of Dreams was fantastic!! I cannot wait to get both of these new games! I'm sure they'll be great.

    Oh how I love GBA......

  2. Unfortunately, somebody has already reported both of these games along with the rest of Namco's Nintendo lineup.

  3. Oops

    Doh. Sorry, I didn't notice it.


    Truth be told, Klonoa is so cool he deserves his own thread tho'.

  4. that's OK.. it's news to me..

    and now i'm looking forward to going through phantomile in an RPG..
    MK2 on XBLA plz - let the unfolding of gameplay begin!!


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