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Thread: Mail Fraud FAQ

  1. I believe the only thing you can do now is slit your wrists. Of course I recommend this to anyone who still deals with pokemon cards in 2008.
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  2. In all honesty though, you should gather as much evidence of the transaction as possible, emails, etc. Contact the other person threatening that you'll file for mail fraud. Most people will at least perk up at this point.

    If it gets to the point where you have to follow through on your threat, follow bandit's guide.

  3. Okay Makes sense, but like if I do file mail fraud what would authorities actually do? I mean would it go in a police database or just be read and deleted, honestly what can they do?

  4. How much were cards worth or the value of the trade? if its a measly couple bucks, forget it or have sender reimburse you. Did he have delivery confirmation? If so, contact PO.

    Have sender file for lost/damaged package.

    If filing for mail fraud, once they receive, they view the complaint. Once they have enough information and if they see its viable, they'll send out a letter about the mail fraud complaint. Sender has to resolve situation.

    When I filed for it, I bought something on eBay for someone on GameTZ. I bought it, received it and person never paid for the game he wanted me to buy for him. I filed a complaint. Although it was a measly $38. it was the principle. Printed convos, addresses, receipt, etc. Sent it in and a month later (processing time varies) I get a letter and a copy of letter that was sent to the person. Out of no where, I get an IM saying payment is on the way.

    Too bad I didnt make a copy of the letter that was sent to them.


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