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Thread: Tony Hawk Underground Online...KotH in *OTHER* games?

  1. Tony Hawk Underground Online...KotH in *OTHER* games?

    Hi guys I have been playing a lot of Tony Hawk Underground Online lately and have become incredibly addicted to "King of the Hill". I love chasing the guy and pimp-slapping him to get the crown to see how long I can hold it.

    I was wondering what *other* online games, in other genres have a King of the Hill type gameplay where you chase after somebody who's holding something valuable and you have to get it? This is really REALLY fun!

    For some reason however, KotH doesn't get much love in Tony Hawk Underground among online players. They prefer to play a Graffiti game and they ESPECIALLY love Firefight, which I think is way overrated and quite boring.

    So again, what other online games would you recommend with King of the Hill style gameplay that's as fun as the one in THUG?

  2. A lot of people hate KOTH because for the most part nobody plays it properly. It almost always boils down to the same thing: one guy skates in a straight line, bumps into a corner and seven other guys bump into him and the crown bounces from person to person randomly. Boring. KOTH is supposed to be about using crazy transfers to consfuse and outwit the people chasing you. Check out this video to see what I mean.

  3. Firefight is aces in that game. Oh, and I'll move this over to the online gaming forum.

  4. What about Socom II? Unreal? Half Life?


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