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Thread: Top Notch

  1. Bandit's SEAL OF APPROVAL

    Here are a list of users I have dealt with whether they bought from me or I bought from them or just did a trade or transaction..

    Haohmaru - bought many items from me via eBay
    Ali - sent many things for me to sell for him and he did his part by sending them out. sent the money to him once the buyers received the package
    Shingo - its been awhile but quick to pay. still owes me but its all good.
    AshnVictor - sold things for him and a quick buyer as well.

    There are probably more users that have bought from me via eBay or maybe I have bought from them, but never told me they were from TNL.

    Each one can vouch for my courtesy, quick responses and quick shipment/payment of item.
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  2. Another transaction went successful.

    Sqoon - Bought Pac-Man VS. from him. Sent pretty quick. Only wished he emailed me it was sent out.

  3. Tojo - Bought a anime DVD from him back in October 2001 (on GameTZ)..damn thats old. Quick shipment of item.

    NGE_Freek - Even tho hes known here as a bad trader (I believe), me and him did a few transactions back on GameTZ (5 times). All went well and flawless. Too bad, dont know what happened to him..
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  4. K3V - Bought Nintendo RF adapter. Quick shipment of item.

  5. animegirl - Quick prompt payment for anime DVD
    Shin Johnpv - Quick prompt payment for anime DVD

  6. Josh - Bought Cowboy Bebop 1-6 DVDs. He was sick so couldnt ship on promised day. But made up for it by shipping with faster service. Thanks.

  7. kingoffighters - Bought PSP data cable. Paid quickly.

  8. bandit - shipped my PSP data cable quickly

    buttcheeks - shipped comics quickly

  9. James - Sent me two white Wii cases. Thanks
    GohanX - Sent me the Target Wii Activision DVD. Thanks

  10. Kaneda - Quick shipping from Japan!
    JesusC - Quick payment for Wii component cables


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