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Thread: Are any of the Lodoss manga's worth reading?

  1. Are any of the Lodoss manga's worth reading?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee
    Shite. The majority of that stuff is scanned CPM stuff. That's not right.
    What does that mean?

    Those are all fan-translated or so I am lead to believe.

  3. Look at some of the covers. See the CPM Manga logo? Central Park Media released a good deal of this in the US already. Hell, I own a bunch of the Slayers stuff they have on the site. Now, it could be that they translated these a while back BEFORE CPM got to it and they're just using the covers, but a lot of these were released quite some time ago, so it's tough to say.

    Either way, if Chronicles of the Heroic Knight is even half as boring as the anime, stay the hell away. That is all.

  4. CPM manga always seems to look like they ran it through a low-grade copy machine. Their books just feel "cheap". That, and the stories look crappy. That should be enough reason to avoid them.


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