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Thread: New Star Ocean 3 pics

  1. New Star Ocean 3 pics


    Tonight we're pleased to present more than a dozen new screens from
    Enix's PlayStation 2 RPG Star Ocean 3. Scheduled for release this winter in
    Japan, the game will focus on a main cast of four characters; Fate Linegod,
    Sophia Esteed, Souffle Rossetti, and Cliff Fitter. Set 400 years after its
    predecessor, Star Ocean 3 will boast a 3D battle engine that allows players
    to attack from any angle. Moreover, players can change camera perspectives
    on the fly. The game will also feature a subquest system dubbed
    'private-action,' and a revamped battle system featuring a 'guts gauge' for
    special attacks. The following screens are said to be from an early playable
    demo, hopefully Star Ocean 3 will make an appearance at this year's E3 Expo
    later this month in Los Angeles.

    Mmm, looks tastey. Why do I get the feeling that I will be completely entranced and consumed by this game when it hits? Its gonna be shown at E3, so Im assuming its coming to America?

    A is for action

  2. Um....

    That looks pretty bad. All I see are high-resolution PSX shots.

  3. It looks good, not as nice as FFX but then again not many game studios have the type of bank Square does to work with. Hopefully its as open-ended and fun as its predecessors
    omg TNL epics!

  4. Originally posted by Master of 7s

    That looks pretty bad. All I see are high-resolution PSX shots.
    Well, I was more so refering to its style. Something about it, even though its a bit generic, does it for me. Its poly count is fine Im sure. There are other shots that have alot of detailed objects in them. Unfortunatly, not in this latest batch. Well.. whatever, Im just diggin on the style. Got a feeling this game will get some exclusive play from me when/if it comes here.

    A is for action


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