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Thread: Sega drafts ESPN for its sports franchise

  1. Sega drafts ESPN for its sports franchise

    Perhaps the latest shocking partnership since Square and Disney...

    After terminating its agreement recently with Konami, ESPN has signed a mutli-year deal with Sega of America which will expand Sega Sports acclaimed franchise to become even more authentic and realistic than before!

    With two of the biggest brand names teamed up, sports fans can look forward to an enriched gaming experience that will blur the lines between a Sega Sports game and a sports television telecast. Among the features which will be incorporated into future titles, namely the 2K3 series include popular ESPN branded elements ranging from intro sequences to score presentations.

    "ESPN and Disney Interactive are pleased to be working with Sega Sports to push sports video gaming to the next level," said George Bodenheimer, president, ESPN. "ESPN's mission is to serve sports fans in every way possible, and working closely with Sega Sports' outstanding product gives us a significant advantage in the video game arena."

    The next installment of 2K3 titles are:

    <ul type="square">
    <li>Sega Sports NFL 2K3
    <li>Sega Sports NBA 2K3
    <li>Sega Sports NHL 2K3
    <li>Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K3
    <li>"Sega Sports NCAA College Football 2K3," is scheduled for a fall, multi-platform release on all next-generation consoles.

  2. That's wacky... so long as it doesn't infringe on the way the games are made I'm fine by it - if but a bit perplexed :/


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    actually, I can see alot of positive things coming out of this if the gameplay doesn't change. NBA 2k2 is still the most realistic game out there it terms of scores and stats and percentage (well, except the rebounding) and I hope that doesn't change. But how cool would it be to have custom highlights reals and commentary by David Aldridge and Doctor Jack.

    Also, remember that a good portion of next years games will be on the ESPN network with the primetime games going to ABC (personally, I'm very happy about that since ESPN is not afraid to take bad teams or out of market teams a display their commodities on national TV. very good if your a fan of the game)

  4. That IS bizaar. As Tracer said, aslong as it doesnt affect the gameplay, I dont care. In fact, it makes me a bit happy, because I assume it will broaden Sega's sports popularity. Not that they arent already pretty damn popular.

    A is for action

  5. Way to waste your money, Sega.
    Oh, and also, please don't add the ESPN title to your existing franchises. That would confuse people.

    They should have spent the extra cash on JSR Online
    Or a home port of Planet Harriers
    - Kabuki

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    I told you! I told you! Nyah nyah nyah!

    Sega, hire me now!

    (edit: This is one of the best moves Sega has made in a long while)

  7. hehehe... know what? Until the other day, I had no idea what ESPN was. Dyne had to tell me.

  8. yea, that was a big waste of money..
    i guess if it gets them name recognition it's alright, but i really hope it doesn't turn out to have the negative madden-type effect..

    and the ESPN label hasn't really been that great in videogames so far.. maybe konami just sucks at sports games..
    MK2 on XBLA plz - let the unfolding of gameplay begin!!

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    I fail to see how this can be negative in any sort of way.

    It is going to be the exact same damn game, except now instead of that generic "Sega Sports" stuff everywhere its going to be an authentic ESPN setup. And this is bad how? I can’t freaking wait – for once the ESPN license will have a good game behind it.

    The increased exposure this will give Sega (thanks to some heavy promotion from ESPN/ABC themselves I'm sure) is going to have Sega trouncing EA in no time, and I can't wait.

    (edit: You do realize it was Konami making those bad games, not ESPN?)

  10. You know why this sucks?

    Because ESPN sucks.

    Especially for hockey. Holy crap, please don't make NHK2K3 as bad as watching the NHL on ESPN! Please Sega, no!



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