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Thread: Sega drafts ESPN for its sports franchise

  1. Sega drafts ESPN for its sports franchise

    Perhaps the latest shocking partnership since Square and Disney...

    After terminating its agreement recently with Konami, ESPN has signed a mutli-year deal with Sega of America which will expand Sega Sports acclaimed franchise to become even more authentic and realistic than before!

    With two of the biggest brand names teamed up, sports fans can look forward to an enriched gaming experience that will blur the lines between a Sega Sports game and a sports television telecast. Among the features which will be incorporated into future titles, namely the 2K3 series include popular ESPN branded elements ranging from intro sequences to score presentations.

    "ESPN and Disney Interactive are pleased to be working with Sega Sports to push sports video gaming to the next level," said George Bodenheimer, president, ESPN. "ESPN's mission is to serve sports fans in every way possible, and working closely with Sega Sports' outstanding product gives us a significant advantage in the video game arena."

    The next installment of 2K3 titles are:

    <ul type="square">
    <li>Sega Sports NFL 2K3
    <li>Sega Sports NBA 2K3
    <li>Sega Sports NHL 2K3
    <li>Sega Sports World Series Baseball 2K3
    <li>Sega Sports NCAA College Football 2K3 is scheduled for a fall, multi-platform release on all next-generation consoles.

  2. That's wacky... so long as it doesn't infringe on the way the games are made I'm fine by it - if but a bit perplexed :/


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    I told you! I told you! Nyah nyah nyah!

    Sega, hire me now!

  4. Originally posted by piku
    I told you! I told you! Nyah nyah nyah!

    Sega, hire me now!
    What ? Who did you tell...I remember you saying something long ago about some publisher, wasn't these two.

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    In the news post where you said Konami lost the license I said Sega should pick it up. So I really didn't call it, I kinda just suggested it

  6. Thank god.

    Never has a partnership made more sense.

    The games Konami made for ESPN were absolute tripe.

    BUT many of the sports games SEGA made got little response because people didn't think of Sega Sports as a brand name as they do others.

    This will be great. The only downside I see is people may judge the prior performance of the ESPN games and not expect much from the now SEGA made games. As long as they don't fuss around with things that don't need fixin, I think Visual Concepts will take this ball and run with it!

    PS: YES. A sports Pun! WOOHOO!


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