Red Terrier emerges the world of audio technology developed by Analog Devices.

Conventional audio tools have come a long way from the blips and beeps from the golden era. As time advance, developers have sought new ways, by use of synthesizers and various applications to create an immersive environment.

SoundMAX, a developer of state-of-the art audio/input applications has recently introduced its technology for a number of recent console-based titles, such as Kinetica. While later this month, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), attendees will be able to witness a new dimension in audio performance as SoundMAX unveils its product lineup which will be made available for both the console and PC market.

To provide a better understanding of the company's background, focus, and future, Michaeal Nicholas caught up with Denis Labrecque, director of marketing for the company's Audio Rendering Center for the answers.

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