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Thread: MP3 players

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    MP3 players

    What is everyone’s favorite portable MP3 player? What ones should be look for if they want one, what kind are best avoided?

    What are the names of some outdated ones that are good and can be gotten cheap?

    What are some new high end ones that you would get if you had the cash to throw away?

  2. All mp3 players suck except for iPod.

  3. I use a Sony Net MiniDisc.... I like it *shrugs*
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  4. this thread might be useful.

    related: mp3 should be a search term. it's under 4 characters, but should definately be searchable.

  5. Portable sony CD player for my car.
    "Your soul better belong to Jesus, mmm-mmmmm..... cause your ass belongs to me!"

  6. I have a 20 gig Archos.
    I don't have many complaints, since I figured out how to use playlists.

  7. I love my 20 gig Archos Gmini 120. I'd tell anybody they can't go wrong with that one. And it plays uncompressed WAVs as well. Whoo Hoo!

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    ;_; I wish I had 200 bucks for a mp3 player

  9. I like my 40 GB iPod.


    It has 30 GB of music on it.


  10. I love my iPod.

    (Before that, I loved my MiniDisc.)


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