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Thread: The Rising Stars of Manga

  1. The Rising Stars of Manga

    Click the link for the full info, I'm too tired to explain.

    The short story is that Tokyopop has had two Rising Stars of Manga contests so far. You submit a story 15-20 pages in length, and the top 10 get published in an anthology. I figured, what the fuck, I'll try my hand in the third contest. However, I only found out the due date was March 15, like, in the end of January. So, in about a month and a half, I had to script it, thumbnail it, pencil, ink and do the lettering, in addition to designing characters (though I had most of them in my head and I had already designed the main character ages ago), rooms and buildings. I aimed low at 15 pages, just to make sure I made the deadline, but I still figured that there was now way it was gonna happen, since I'm lazy, easily distracted, procastinate a lot, and I draw slow as shit. But I decided to give it a try.

    Sadly, in the middle of everything, I had to re-write the ending and that ended up tacking on an additional 3 pages (bringing the total to 18). Happily, I busted my ass and forsook a normal sleep schedule (I averaged 4-5 hours a night, and I usually average 7-8) and my social life (thankfully my girlfriend and buddies were understanding) and I finished it last night. My whole thing was that I didn't want to cut any corners and turn in a rush job, and I feel pretty happy with what I created. My proportion and perspective could be a tad better, but that's always been a weakness of mine. It's decent, though.

    I'm just proud that I overcame my usual slothful tendencies, kicked my own ass, and just made the deadline. I'm Fed-Exing it out today (it has to be postmarked the 15th, but I'm not taking any chances). Wish me luck. I'll keep you posted if I hear any news.

    BTW, the prizes are as follows: Places 4-10 get $500, 3rd gets $1000, 2nd gets $1500, and 1st gets $2500 and the chance to pitch an idea for a series to Tokyopop.

    BTW, lack of sleep does fun things to your brain.
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  2. Good luck. The quality of a lot of the previous winners wasn't very good, so hopefully you'll have a decent chance at winning. Post some of your art here.

  3. glad to see i'm not the only one disappointed in the quality of the previous Rising Stars winners. i was going to enter this third contest (see Munkey's & Bitches thread), but i just couldn't get things in order. also had a story based on this FOB in an illustration class i took titled Donkey Lips, but me and the person i was working with couldn't find the time to complete it. que sera, sera. they bumped the prize money up for this contest too. good luck though, and definitely show us the goods.

  4. Thanks guys. And I agree with you both about the quality of the previous winners. Nobody was all that impressive (some downright SUCKED), either art or story-wise. Not saying that I'm the greatest artist ever, but I think I can easily compete. Plus, my entry isn't the usual manga-style you see- it's a gothic horror/mystery story set in a mid-1800's Victorian-like era.

    Plus, out of both volumes out so far, only one other person (the grand prize winner in Vol. 1) did the same thing I did- ignored using toner and just did all the detail by hand. Yeah, it's a bitch, but the end result is so much nicer. No offence to anyone that uses it, but toner's for lazy bastards.

    Basically my art style resembles a combo of Manga, Edward Gorey and my own personal touch.

    When I get a chance maybe I'll scan a few panels and show you what I submitted.

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  5. I'm actually a long time friend of Lindsay, who did the "Peach Fun" story that won in the most recent book. I was a bit surprised when I finally got a chance to see it, because I didn't think it was her best art - I think other stuff she's done has been far better. Still, it was cool that she won.

    I have to say, though, that some of the winners have indeed been very mediocre.
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  6. You mean the story with the ferret? That was pretty cute, and she had a nice, sharp art style. Still, I was suprised that it was the top winner, as it wasn't amazing- but if she does indeed normally do much nicer work, I'd really love to see it, she has great potential.

    I did really like the winner in the first volume, "Devil's Candy". There was another story in that volume about a girl who has a monster follow her home and another one about a little girl that goes to live with her Grandparents and ends up turning into a rabbit that were very creative and well done. In contrast, I thought the winners in vol. 2 overall weren't as impressive. Hopefully the winners in vol. 3 will all suck to I can take tham all down.

    Honestly, I did about as well as I could in the time period given. Still, the end result could have been better had I more time...oh, well. If this doesn't go well there's always vol. 4...

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  7. I should really submit to one of these, but I'm lucky to finish a single pin-up anymore.

    And it probably doesn't help that I can't write, either.

  8. Hey, I'm a writer who can't draw. We could be a writing-drawing team.
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  9. I always wanted to enter, but I can never come up with a descent 20 page stand alone story. Maybe someone can help me out a little for the next contest hehe. I'm mostly into fantasy type setting or something that takes place in modern times and include magic.

  10. I'd do it, but I can't draw for shit. Meh. Maybe I'll start now and work towards next year.


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