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Thread: Princess - a Flash cartoon by Trey Parker & Matt Stone!

  1. Ninja Princess - a Flash cartoon by Trey Parker & Matt Stone!

    Don't think this has been posted before, but if it has, it deserves a repost.

    Anyhow, I got this description quoted from another forum, best way to describe it:

    Here's a little backstory. A few years ago Matt & Trey were asked by Shockwave to do a few flash cartoon for them. Matt & Trey agreed if only they were not given any restrictions. Shockwave said go ahead and then the series 'Princess' was born. Shockwave found it too offensive and never released it on the
    To put it into emoticons, you'll , you'll , you'll , you'll , you may , and you'll most definitely .

    In other words, viewer beware. If you found Southpark: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut to be offensive, ya may wanna skip this.

    Link to the page...

    Direct links to the two episodes...

    omg TNL epics!

  2. the second episode was pretty ehhh. but the first was hilarious.

  3. Yeah, first was awesome. Not a funny moment in the second.
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  4. I was good until the penis. Heh. Trey and Matt really know how to rile 'em up.
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  5. For fuck's sake! What the hell was that?

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    lithium Guest
    I dunno, remove their restrictions and they lose their creativity me thinks.

  7. Yeah, I saw that link on the SA forums. Boring as hell, if you ask me.

  8. ... Waste of time.

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    That wasn't funny. Either of them.

    And I can't handle the thought of Nomi watching this crap. I'm going to go cry.
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  10. The opening of the first episode was the only good part PREEEEEEEEEEEEENCES!
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