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Thread: Welcome to The Circuit Board

  1. Welcome to The Circuit Board

    The Circuit Board is open for technical questions and discussions relating to consoles, computers, as well as general audio-video and electronics topics. Post new threads or request specific existing technical threads to be moved here.

    I ask that new threads be posted with identifying information in their title fields, not in the description fields. This will help users find relevant topics with the Search feature later on and prevent repetition.

    Lhadatt will be moderating this forum. I may also add a more console-savvy member as a moderator in the near future.

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  2. Just an addendum:

    Please refrain from posting information or links regarding sharing of pay-for software. Discussion of client software is ok (such as Soulseek or Bit Torrent), but posting links directly to torrent sites or the like is not. Such references will be edited out if caught. Sorry, but we do need to keep TNL online and not in a FBI "evidence" room.


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