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Thread: My poor, dead, 21-inch monitor

  1. Mad My poor, dead, 21-inch monitor

    Well, that sucked.

    Friday night, just before I turn it off for the day, my Panasonic 21" monitor starts clicking, with every click sending a jolt across the screen, as if somebody had given the image a knock. It happens about once a minute, and worries me greatly. I eventually turn it off for the day and get some sleep.

    Saturday afternoon I use my PC for about an hour. It clicks maybe twice, with only a minor jolt hitting the screen. Still worrying, but less so. I turn it off and head out into the day, letting my sister know that if it starts making weird noises she needs to turn it off fast.

    I get home last night to find out what I knew all day would happen has happened- when it started clicking again it went for broke, in more ways than one. Now when I turn on my monitor I get... nothing. The green light on the front comes on, I even once got the familiar *vwamp!* sound of it starting up, but no picture.

    So, anyone have any ideas on if it's revivable? I really, really hate to throw it out, I absolutely loved that monitor. It was huge, sharp, clean, and the best display for my PC I've had. I'm typing now on a 17" (15.9" viewable) I picked up today for $100, but it's not the same at all.

    -sigh- A death in the PC family is a sad, sad thing...


  2. Probably the tube. Try calling the manufacturer?

  3. This would be a good excuse to look into flat LCDs. ^_^

  4. I feel your pain...

    My First 21" intergraph I picked up used from a computer show started arcing somewhere inside the housing, and eventually died..

    I was going to take it to a TV repair shop (many can fix monitors too) as I really didnt have the time or schematics to work on it myself, but I went to another show and picked up a Gateway 21" used from the same show 2 years later for $150.
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  5. My 19" trinitron did this like 3 weeks ago, and I freaked out and shut if off. It has been fine since then, but I'm wondering what the deal is.

    Is this possibly related to the graphics card when something like this happens? My monitor is only 2-3 years old.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by skelly
    This would be a good excuse to look into flat LCDs. ^_^

    I've been told those are known to be even more problematic.

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    Plus I can still see shitty screen blur in most I've used while playing games.

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  8. Yeah, I realize LCDs aren't all there yet. I am curious about the newest generation that have 16ms refresh times, though. I wonder if they still exhibit obvious image ghosting in games like the 25ms models do.

  9. And to top it off, the cheapo 17" monitor I got at Best Buy yesterday for $100 decided that, after 3 hours, it wanted to go out of focus and stay there. I'm typing this up now on a 13" viewable, and hopefully I'll be able to exchange me new dead monitor for another one today so I don't go blind from eyestrain.


  10. Ive never notice a ghost image in my LCD screen. I watch movies on it occasionally, and have played FPSers heavily from time to time. Never noticed a problem.
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