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Thread: Why is [The Circuit Board] in Gaming Discussion?

  1. Why is this in Gaming Discussion?

    See the thread title.

    I know people will talk about consoles and video cards for games here, but look, we have an Apple thread, a firewall thread, a computer monitor thread, a Photoshop thread, an Office XP thread, an mp3 player thread, and the PC problem thread.

    So there's 10 threads here, and 7 of them are non-game related. This forum simply doesn't belong in the Gaming Discussion subsection.

    I would turn this into the fourth forum of the Main Discussion Center.

  2. Just to piss you off.

    I agree with you, for what it's worth.

  3. Moving this to feedback, because, appropriately enough, you posted it in the wrong forum.

    I have asked Burg about this, and the resolution was to debate it later. I would much prefer this board to go under Sound Off or on the main index as its own section, but I'm not an admin so I cannot make that decision.

  4. I also agree. Especially by Burg's own admission: "questions related to consoles, computers or general electronics."

    To me that is enough reason to have it in Sound Off (or even exist as a primary forum on the main index). For now, I will move it into Sound Off. And who knows - perhaps if it develops enough interest, it might move out of it's sub-forum status.

    Hopefully, Burgundy doesn't consider this to be a outrage.

  5. This issue seems to be done with, so I'm locking this. If anyone else doesn't like the location of the board now, please PM myself or Bahn.


    I mean, that's fine. I set it up in a bit of a hurry, so I'm glad Bahn stepped up and moved it.
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