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Thread: DOA Ultimate preorder swag

  1. DOA Ultimate preorder swag

  2. ...

    Ordered. Thanks! Just have to remember to cancel my EB preorder this week...
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  3. I didn't realize they changed the name for this title... I wonder if any of the stores have promos as well for this, has it listed for $54.99 with no promo

  4. AWESOME. Ordered.

    Anyone who wants to buy DOA ultimate upon release, PM me.
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  5. Zerodash, you are a god. Ordered!


  6. Ordered...although I like a sucker paying $58.95 for a game, freebie or not. This better come with 2 months of XBL like other high-profile games.

  7. *bought*

    Only 250 of them, eh?

    It showed up on the invoice, so I assume I'm getting one.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  8. Its only right that most of those DOA figures/dolls end up in the hands of TNLers.

  9. I'm concerned about what said TNLers will be doing with that doll.
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  10. ...whatever it is, it can't be worse than what would be done with those pillows.


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