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Thread: Has anyone seen the new OPM in stores yet?

  1. Has anyone seen the new OPM in stores yet?

    I cant find it in stores here. Anyone seen it? I want to play the Medal of Honor demo so bad..... I think Jango Fett is on the cover.
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  2. I haven't gotten around to hiting a bookstore this week to see if it was in...I hear ya, I'm dying to try the MOH demo!

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  3. I saw it at Funco today.

    I bought OXBM and the bloody demo disc won't load.

  4. yup.

    I got it at Babbages when I went to pick up Britneys Dance Beat.

    Sadly, there is no BDB review in this issue (the one with Jango Fett on the cover).

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    The new OPM disc is great. Medal of Honor: Frontline lives up to the legacy and the Fatal Frame demo is pretty neat.

  6. Please please please please, EA, make MOH: Frontline mouse/keyboard compatiable...
    It's a mirror image!


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