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Thread: "Twisted" getting rave reviews.

  1. Xbox 360 II "Twisted" getting rave reviews.

  2. Why is that bad?
    Have you seen the movie?

    Maybe it IS good?

  3. lol

    The 2 good reviews are laughable. Usually that's the other way around.

  4. I saw this movie, it wasn't all that bad but it's definately not something I would jump to see again.

  5. #5
    Ashley Judd is stunning IMO, but she has type-cast herself in these Thrillers. I will rent this.

  6. I haven't seen the film, so I won't comment on its quality. But some of these reviews are priceless.

    Some highlights:

    "Twisted, despite managing tiny, sad bursts of suspense, is barely worth the energy it will take to mock it."

    "Judd kicks a man in the crotch within four minutes of the film's beginning. I believe the purpose of all Ashley Judd movies is to allow her to kick a man in the crotch."

    "What happens when you combine good actors, a talented director and an awful script? Twisted answers that question so quickly it could have been made as a kind of negative case study for film students."

    And my personal fave:

    "This loopy movie is so screamingly awful it should hit your local video store's markdown bin sometime next month."


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