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Thread: music editers

  1. Japan music editers

    i want to be able to cut parts of a song out put somthing in and so on.

  2. I'm sorry, this needs to be done.


  3. Thank you. I've been waiting for someone else to correct people.

    As far as I've worked with, fruity loops is good. But it may be a lot more than you want, really.

  4. Fruity Loops isn't really for that sorta thing.

    Then again, you can do that with Sound Recorder.

  5. CoolEdit Pro isn't a bad choice

  6. Protools.

    ... Well it is the best. Not free, but the best.

  7. Protools is a little over the top for what he wants to do. Hehe.

    This should probably go to the Circuit Board.

    Burn - Are you trying to edit AIFF, or MP3, or WAV or some other format?
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Mike
    Protools is a little over the top for what he wants to do. Hehe
    You mean he doesn't want to record an album?

  9. Audacity is a free open source program, and its very good for the price (like GIMP, though, it doesnt compare to its professional competitors) but it is infested with teh gay so you dont wanna use it.


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