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Thread: A few import PS2 games

  1. A few import PS2 games

    Games are in great condition and complete. Shipping is $3.85 for priority mail and I can do paypal or money order.

    SOLD Cho Aniki-Legend of Holy Protien (rough translation)- Sideview shooter by Psikyo. Adon and Samson are back, this time protecting a piece of magic protien that grants a perfect body to it's owner. You travel through a variety of weirdass levels and fend off attackers with normal shots and the "men's beam" which is best left to the imagination.

    SOLD I am Small- A 3D platform game fused with the enviroments of Toy Commander, by Victor. You play as a 3 inch high spaceman who roams the home of Japanese family as they go about daily business, your goal is to defeat a equally small army of slimy aliens who wish the family harm.

    $12 Cyborg Kuro Chan- PSone action shooter by Konami. A 2D game like Metal Slug/Contra but with 3 heavily armed cartoon cats and a load of oddball enemies.


  2. How is "I am small"? I'm interested but can't find any info on it.

  3. PM sent.

  4. Cho Aniki and I Am Small are now pending.

    Videodrone, I am Small is a decent platformer, nothing stunning but it has huge enviroments and a steady framerate, plus the whole wandering around the house thing is handled well. Unfortunately it seems open-ended and I just don't have patience anymore to play trial and error with Japanese games, that's the only reason I sold it so it could go to someone who will have time for it. *-neo

  5. Thx for the info. I too unfortunatly don't have the patience for trial and error either, knowing very little Japanese.

  6. ...

    Damn, your review has persuaded me to pass on the Cyborg game...LOL...
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ssbomberman
    Damn, your review has persuaded me to pass on the Cyborg game...LOL...
    Thank you, I consider it a public service . *-neo


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