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Thread: cheap as hell Dreamcast games at

  1. cheap as hell Dreamcast games at

    all brand new

    Sega jump pak $1.99
    evolution 2 $49.99 (just a nice little tidbit on how stupid ppl are at retail sites)
    crazy taxi $5.99
    NFL2k1 $3.99
    Nba2k1 $4.99
    sonic adv $6.99
    WSB2k1 $3.99
    virtua Tennis $3.99

    Most OVERRATED videogame of ALL Time


    "Well, I have lots of impressions about the PS2 (smiles)...if you turn off that recorder I'll tell you some things (laughter)"
    -AM2's Yu Suzuki

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    wEEman33 Guest
    I might have to check out my local KB toys and see what all they've got. I remember making some good finds in some of their SNES/Genesis bargain bins back when the PSX and Saturn came out.

  3. Thanks for the heads up bro!

  4. sweet
    "Punch the yeti! Win a free Llama!"

  5. Wow, there are some pretty nice deals there............

    Yet, amazingly.... Evolution 2 is $50?!

  6. Now I can get a jump pack for all of my controllers.

    I wonder how much they sell the fishing controllers for...

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    TheSCHLONG! Guest and their b&m stores have them for $15.

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    Jay Guest
    Hello Virtua Tennis.


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