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Thread: Mac Display / G5 Rumors

  1. Mac Display / G5 Rumors

    SO I've been planning on getting a New G5, and within the year an apple display. I've heard rumors about new Duel 2.2 GHz G5s and whatnot, as well as rumors of new displays. Does anyone know any other rumors about these products other than we "think" they're coming.

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    Why is it questionable? They have dual 2ghz G5s right now, 2.2 is practically a given (and the performance difference is likely to be so negligable as to not even be noticable).

  3. Rumors are rampant. However, we were promised by Mr. Jobs that we would have 3.0GHz by the end of the year. That means there will probably be three new models to keep with the original three - 2.33GHz most likely, 2.5GHz, and 3.0GHz.

    I'm just hoping that whatever changes they make to the G5 make it easier to take apart because it's stupid right now. Not really hard, just dumb.

    One thing to keep in mind about G5s - Apple is charging I think $150.00 for the case if something happens to your case, so treat it nice. Because it isn't just $150.00, it's that and the amount that the Apple Store or Reseller tacks on in labor.

  4. I think id be more into Macs if i could build one myself and didnt have to be charged an arm and a leg from Mr Jobs for one
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