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Thread: Anyone interested in Import PS2 and/or IIDX goods?

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    Anyone interested in Import PS2 and/or IIDX goods?

    Well, I've decided to go ahead and get rid of my import PS2 (the latest SCPH-5000 w/ IR and DVD-RW/+RW support) and Beatmania goods (official regular controller and 5th and 6th styles IIDX). Here's the catch: I only want to get rid of them if I can sell them all on here. I'm not asking for a single package deal (although it would be nice), I just want everything to be accounted for before I sell it, so I won't get stuck with and and have to sell it on ebay.

    So, hit me up with an email ( or a PM if you're interested.

    Here are some prices to start with:

    5th Style - $55 + s/h

    If anyone feels that the prices are too high, tell me. I just thought of these off of the top of my head.

  2. 5th is harder to find then 6th.

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  3. Your IIDX prices seem nice, but compared to eBay (with luck) the JPS2 seems a tad high. Granted, new model and from a great source.

    Someone should jump on this.

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    5th is harder to find than 6th? I paid less for 5th than 6th, but after checking, I noticed that the price of 5th has gone up $10, and the price of the controllers have gone up about the same. IIDX must be in high demand.

  5. Hmmm.... this is very tempting but I shouldn't be spending a bunch of money, lol. Atleast I wouldn't have to worry about shipping, heh.
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    Haha, yeah, it was nice not having to worry about the USPS screwing anything up.

  7. I'd be interested in the IIDX controller and one of the games. It might take me two-three weeks to round up the funds though.

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    Ok, that's fine. Just inform me which game that you would like, and I'll put it on hold for you.

  9. Just outta curiosity, why are you selling all of this? I feel like you just posted the happy news of getting it all in the Official Bemani Thread recently.
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