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Thread: Anybody need Unreal Tourney 2004?

  1. Anybody need Unreal Tourney 2004?

    Here is the short version of the story. I didn't pre-order at any store cause I was being dumb. I went to pick the game up yesterday and of course could find the SE anywhere, so I bought the standard. Played it for about an hour offline last night, never registered it, never went online. Today I come home to find a SE on my porch. Guess I pre-ordered it online months ago and forgot. I like to move the standard version and will take a trade. If somebody is really interested in the SE, I may be willing to part with it, but will probably want a fair market price for it or a sweet trade.

    Interested? PM me or post here.

  2. ... I couldn't possibly get lucky and hope that'd work for my Mac, right? (longshot, yeah yeah)

  3. Unfortunatly Windows and Linux only


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