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Thread: Could you direct me to the Link Cable Games? Thanks....

  1. Could you direct me to the Link Cable Games? Thanks....

    Ok heres the scoop. Me and a few friends have this long weekend coming up see, and we have this house all to ourselves see. So I've been handed a mission. Find all the link cable games currently in existance for both the X-Box and the PS2. Now I know PS2 has GT3 and Twisted Metal Black, and I think they have Tony Hawk 3, but thats it for them. X-Box on the other hand, has Halo and uh, Tony Hawk 3. Are there any other games I might be missing? Is there a link to a list someplace?

    On a related note, PS2 link cables are quite rare in these parts, so if anyone has used a firewire cable to do the deed could you please perhaps explain what is involved?

    Also I'm a cheap bastard who sees the xbox link cable and wonders if its not just a regular rj-45 cable, which i have an abundance of in my home. Would anybody be able to let me know if thats the case?

    Thanks for any help you can give.

  2. Ok guys not all at once....


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