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Thread: Patlabor

  1. Patlabor

    Interested in finding out what Patlabor is all about. I understand there is and OVA, two T.V. series and three movies. (not sure how many different shows were released in Japan).

    I was curious where the quality is and where the crap is. I believe Production I.G. did a couple of the movies, which sounds cool. I enjoy their work.

    Any recommendations?

  2. The only thing I know about Patlabor is that it's where "Bitch! Don't Steal My Tiles!" comes from.
    It's odd, though. It seems as if the show is light-hearted, but the movies are serious as all get up, get down, and get funky. Why is that?

  3. I've seen the first two movies. The best I can describe them is they're a bit like Ghost in the Shell, but more upbeat (same director, Mamoru Oshii). They're both interesting movies that deal with politics and a future Japanese society aided by workforce robots (Labors). I'd never seen the series before, so the characters were new to me but they're pretty easy to figure out (the girl who likes Labors, the angry combat buff, the sly comander). The movies look pretty good for their time, but the dvds have passable visuals (Manga, go figure).
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  4. In a sense it's the typical cop show with giant robots thrown in. The main character is Izumi Noa who likes labors just a bit too much, going as far as to name her patlabor Alphonse. The series is bascially about likeable characters and the strange sort of situations they get into. A good series that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    The first OAVs are the original. The TV series is a retelling of that and the second OAV series continues the TV series, not the first OAVs. The three movies are all connected to the TV series, though I only like the first one myself.
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  5. This is one of my fave series... it looks like yet another "big robot show', but it's really all about the great ensemble cast. It is kind of odd to watch the movies first, because only rarely is the tv series quite that serious. Plus, you can appreciate what happens to certain characters during the movies a lot more if you've seen where they've come from in the episodes... of course, the tv and oavs' animation may seem weak compared to some of the flashier stuff of today, but for the most it's pretty solid. It's not for everyone, and it may take a little while to get into, but it's good stuff.

  6. Where is the best place to start? The first OAV's or the TV series? I'm interested, and it would be cool to see where the show started before jumping into the movies.

    Thanks for the feedback. Seems like it could go either way--love or hate.

  7. Well, the entire first oav has been released in a dvd set by CPM, and the tv series is (almost) up to disc #8 with a few more to go... since they both sort of start out with "origin" stories, it really doesn't matter... though, the last story of the oavs I always enjoy. It's fairly dramatic, and actually fairly similar to the 2nd movie in some ways. I suppose starting with the oav would be good, to give you a feel for the characters and general tone of the show so you can see if you'd be interested in more. Some of my favorite stories are in the 2nd oav series... I hope CPM gets those out soon.

  8. Yeah, definitely start with the first OAV series. I think it does a better job of introducing the cast and their situation than the TV series does.
    "I've watched while the maggots have defiled the earth. They have
    built their castles and had their wars. I cannot stand by idly any longer." - Otogi 2

  9. I saw the first two movies many, many years ago and the only thing I remember is that I liked both of them a lot. I have no clue how they hold up today, I need to watch them again. Didn't even know there was more to it, I borrowed the tapes from a friend and I think that's all I've ever seen in stores.

  10. has some killer prices on Patlabor stuff.

    OAV Series 1 set (ONLY ONE IN STOCK OMG!)
    TV Series box 1 (eps 1-18)
    TV Series box 2 (eps 19-34) preorder - release on 4/6/04

    All the Patlabor DVDs I've seen from CPM have had excellent visuals for a series that's 14 years old. The dub is subpar at least on the early volumes, maybe it gets better later.


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