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Thread: Majesco Acquires Cartoon Network License

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    Majesco Acquires Cartoon Network License

    Hey pretty mama! Huh!

    Majesco has announced that they have acquired the rights from Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. to develop and publish three Game Boy Advance titles based off several of the Cartoon Network’s top shows. The games are set for release sometime next year.

    "Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoons are true innovations in animation and we are excited to bring their extremely popular properties to the Game Boy Advance platform," said Jesse Sutton, President of Majesco. "We believe that these Cartoon Cartoons will translate wonderfully into interactive entertainment and further diversify Majesco's burgeoning portfolio of products."

    Shows in which characters will be drawn from include Courage the Cowardly Dog; Cow and Chicken; Ed, Edd n Eddy; I Am Weasel; Johnny Bravo; Mike, Lu & Og; and Sheep in the Big City.

    "Majesco has a great track record," said Jamie Porges, Vice President, Off Channel Commerce for Cartoon Network. "The combination of Majesco's expertise and the Cartoon Cartoon Properties will produce a great line of games."

    "The quality and creativity of Cartoon Network's Cartoon Cartoons make them a natural fit for the interactive gaming world," said Philippe Erwin, Vice President of Interactive Entertainment for Warner Bros. Consumer Products. "We are confident that Majesco will produce engaging games befitting Cartoon Network's originals series."

  2. beat me to it..

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    Funny, you just beat me to the 007 one

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  4. Originally posted by piku
    Funny, you just beat me to the 007 one

    I just started typing it when I saw you got to it
    i guess we were meant to be?


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