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Thread: South Park

  1. "I've got something in my front pocket, for youuuuuuu
    Why don't you reach into my pocket, and see what it is?"

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  2. " You mean, dance, without a machine telling you want to do? "
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  3. I thought last night's episode was the best so far this season (I've been pretty disapointed so far this season). A.W.E.S.O.M.E.-0 4000 saying "Weak" and "Lame" in his robot voice with Butters and the TV exec was hystarical.
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  4. And Cartman as Brittney Spears at the end was priceless.
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    Or perhaps he's a gay stalker, and longs to rub your used toilet paper all over his nipples.

  5. So far "Awesom-o" and "You got served" are the best I've seen of this season so far.

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  7. Yeah, AWESOME-O was hilarious. I think my favorite part was when Butters walks into the Pentagon ;p

  8. Er... what exactly happened in Hawaii that caused the intended episode to not be shown?
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    It was a joke... I doubt they made a fucking Lemmiwinks episode.
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  10. Great episode last night.

    But what happened to Lemmiwinks? Did his episode get bumped?

    I like how the name "Awesom-O" is a parody of that Toyota robot Asimo. And I'm glad that Cartman finally received his comeuppance this week. He's gotten away with far too much bullshit these past few seasons.
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