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Thread: Gigantic SNES Sale NTSC/PAL

  1. Gigantic SNES Sale NTSC/PAL

    Free shipping on everything


    Mint = no scuffs or dents
    Good = worn edges, fingered book, etc
    Poor = sticker glue, mashed box, etc
    If there is no book, ill say.

    U.S - NTSC
    Wolfenstein 3D/Good/$60

    JP - NTSC
    Front Mission Gun Hazard/Good/$20
    Wizardry V/Mint/$20
    Final Fight 2/Mint/$20

    UK - PAL
    Mint stuff> £30 (middle game = SimCity)
    Good stuff> £25 (middle game = Axlay)
    Poor stuff> £20 (middle game = MegaManX)

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    You have some good games, but the prices seem a tad high, but
    what do I know, people think I overcharge?

  3. No, you're right. Those prices are way the fuck out of control. $40 for "poor" condition FFMQ?

  4. $50 for Joe and Mac? What in the name of holy Hell...
    matthewgood fan
    lupin III fan

  5. Quote Originally Posted by §eraphim
    U.S - NTSC
    Joe and Mac:Caveman Ninja/Good/$50
    Final Fight/Good/$50
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest/Poor/$40
    Zombies Ate My Neighbors!/Mint/$20
    Wolfenstein 3D/Good/$60
    The Peace Keepers/Good/$50
    Super Smash TV/Poor/$30
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

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  7. Awesome.

  8. I honestly have no idea what current prices are, if I cant find it being sold online, I jack the price up a lot, im certinally open to offers.

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    FFMQ is best described as poor. You're right about that.

    Check out for current market prices. Here's an example of how hilarious what you did is:

    Final Fight @ $50?
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  10. Heh, right, if im in the wrong, so say again.

    "Does not include instructions or original packaging." - EB

    Is one reason I jacked the price up also on my stuff. They may be easy to find, but how hard to find complete?


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