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Thread: Lupin the Third

  1. Lupin the Third

    I first got into this show via AS airing what I now know as the first episode of the second series, and I've been a fan ever since. I've got 11 Lupin DVDs (with two copies of the Secret of Mamo) and have enjoyed them all. I've got three of the mangas, and might get more if I'm able to find them. There's a new DVD coming out in April, and another coming out in July, just a scant five days before my b-day. Both of these will feature eps. that AS never aired, and that haven't been released in any form in the U.S. The previous release had an episode that AS wouldn't air, and that Pioneer/Geneon wouldn't release either. Does anyone else enjoy the capers based on the great characters?
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  2. The only thing I have is the Castle of Cagelastro on DVD. Miyazaki had a hand with that one

  3. Total Lupin nut over here. Only have a few DVD's, but I downloaded plenty of stuff back in the day. I'd kill for someone to release season 1.

  4. I've got a few eps of the first series on CD, and I'm currently downloading eps 1-10 of it. Miyazaki had a hand in the directing of some of the first series, and two of the episodes in the second series. Cagliostro was mainly directed by him, and while it looks amazing, even compared to stuff today, it's not quite the best "Lupin" flick I've seen. Good to see another Lupin nut here. The only ones I've seen online have tended to be the vapid "OMG ENGLISH DUB GUYS SUCK" variety.
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  5. i've got a tape i dubbed off a LD of one of the Rupan titled movies. i think Tower of Babylon or something like that. it was pretty damn good and sorta got me into the Lupin/Rupan. i don't think i'd invest serious time into right now though, but it's definitely something that always peaks my interest now and again.

  6. Castle of Cagliostro is a weird Lupin the 3rd movie. Normally he fucks the girl, in this one he sort of wimps out. Is Lupin trying to be portrayed as 'grown up' or something?

    It's still one of my favorites because it's really an amazing movie. (I liked Dark Order of Assasins more. The one with Stevie Wonder was pretty fucking cool too.)

  7. I like Dragon of Doom myself. While I think Jigen is the cooler of Lupin's partners, it's always nice to see Goemon get the spotlight.

  8. Pursuit of Harimao's Treasure is the most rewatchable for me, aside from Mamo. The Lupin characters in Castle of Cagliostro are Miyazaki's renditions of them for that one film, and vary in some ways to the ones that are seen constantly. I ordered the Fuma Conspiracy off of Best Buy's site the other day, can't wait to watch it.
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  9. Love the series. I have series one, the start of two, the first two manga and quite a few specials/movies. Iíve thoroughly enjoyed all of them and their different renditions of the characters. Need to start picking up more of the Geneon DVDs. They are going to release the unaired episode 3 though? Glad to hear it.

    Oh, and youíre going to enjoy Fuma Conspiracy Jeremy, heh.

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    How is Lupin in Japanese? The dub is surprisingly not bad. I've only ever seen it on Cartoon Network.


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