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Thread: Heya..I'm selling some MORE stuff. Prices Dropped..again!

  1. Nintendo GameCube Heya..I'm selling some MORE stuff. Prices Dropped..again!

    I have realized once again I have tons of games that will never be played, so I'll sell them...

    I accept Paypal, money orders, cash, but no trade-ins...unless of course you think you have something I might want.(Too much trouble to make a list right now but give me some offers and I'll let you know)
    Oh and No Credit Cards!


    Toshinden URA
    Rise 2 Resurrection
    Yes these are the worst fighting games ever for the Saturn, so I figure I'll sell it in a nice and dandy little doublepack. I figure $3 is decent enough for the two of them, as a bonus(?) they are both complete with manuals and cases.
    $3! Do you believe it? Two COMPLETE and L@@K RARE Saturn games for $3!


    Columns- Complete- $2

    Master System
    Ghostbusters- Game and Box only- $2
    Rescue Mission(Light Phaser Required!)- Complete though the back of the box looks slightly cut- $2
    Astro Warrior- Complete except for some minor case damage- $3


    Baldur's Gate 1- I don't have the original(Big) box but I do have the neat fold out thing that houses all the discs, also includes the expansion pack in the last sleeve. 6 discs altogether(Fans of constant disc-swapping rejoice!). $2

    Descent: Freespace 1 + Expansion pack- Picked this up on a whim..I'll say - $ original cases or manuals

    Diablo 2: Expansion-Lord of Destruction. Game, jewel case, and CD-key. $1...remember this is just the expansion disc.

    Shogo: Mobile Assault Division- Disc only again..$1

    Fallout 2: I lost the ultra nice spiral-bound original$1. Actually I found the manual so..uh..$1

    Buy them all in a bundle for $5 -ON HOLD


    Playstation 2

    Magic Pengel- Mint..I played it once. $8

    This system is complete but has one major flaw, the RF adapter at one point was broken but then hotglued into the system. The person I bought this from said it worked just fine regardless and in a way he's right..except the picture quality is atrocious and you can forget about seeing any shade of red on any of the games. Anyway it's complete, one controller AC adapter and all that..Keith Courage is also included ---- $5.
    DVDs (New!)

    Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within(2-disc): Some label and inner booklet damage due to some idiot dropping it in a lake but both discs work fine(And yes I had to watch the entire movie again to make sure..ugh. ) - $2

    Requiem For A Dream: Ass to Ass Edition!..errh Unrated - Watched once - $3

    Lord of the Rings: Two Towers- 1. This is not the Extended Edition 4 disc set. 2. This is not in it's original it from blockbuster..Still complete but no booklet. - $3

    They Live - Complete R1 Roddy Piper commentary(R2 only dammit!)- $3

    Men in Black 2 - I don't know how I ended up with this..Blockbuster case again. Watched ZERO times $2

    Reservoir Dogs SE..Mr Pink edition- $3 watched a time or two then eyes fell out of head due to shitty transfer.
    I'll put more stuff up when I find it..just for the love of God somebody get this junk out of my house!!!1111

    (Shipping dates are always on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays)
    Paypal addy is ---(

    Prices do not include shipping(Sorry!).

  2. #2
    I'll take those King's Field games off your hands! YOINK!
    My Backloggery

  3. Goodie Goodie

    Well that was nice and speedy.

    All pms have been replied to and necessary edits have been made.
    Insurance is of course optional(but always recommended). And about the shipping prices I hope everyone that has pmed me is located in the US. oh well.

  4. Isn't Toshinden URA the PS port?
    "Your soul better belong to Jesus, mmm-mmmmm..... cause your ass belongs to me!"

  5. Quote Originally Posted by voltz
    Isn't Toshinden URA the PS port?
    Yeah it's a port of Toshinden 2 for the PS, only with a couple of additional characters.

  6. I'll take the Diablo 2 strategy guide and that Soul Calibur 2 artbook/litho. updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  7. Bump

    Things have been sold so thus they've been removed. A couple things have been added though so check if you like.
    And remember, all stuff that is not sold goes to the Evil Empire (Ebay!).

  8. I claim R-Type for the Master System. If the guy does not come though I would like that Thunder Blade too. I will paypal. I also hate the PM system here so please email me if this is a problem.

    mwmson @ (take out the spaces between @)



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