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Thread: Jetman's Feedback Thread

  1. Uh-oh Jetman's Feedback Thread

    I bought Omni's copy of Suikoden 2 and it showed up immaculate and ready to play. I hear he's got a copy of Suikoden 1 and Parastite Eve he's selling - so what are you reading this for - Buy away !

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    But he stills sucks at Third Strike.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rich
    But he stills sucks at Third Strike.

    Oh snap ---

    Ill bet he has a good chance of beating you now , seeing as you play teh Cell of Splinter all of the time currently --- remember... you dont get no smoke grenades in TS

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    I don't play TS. Haven't since Saturday. I refuse til the patch arrives.

    But besides, I'll just throw real smoke grenades in front of him. What then?

    I can't believe I woke up at 5AM to watch the Yankee game.


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