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Thread: Portland man in 27-hour Asteroids marathon

  1. Portland man in 27-hour Asteroids marathon

    Almost 20 years since the last arcade game marathon world record attempt, Bill Carlton of Portland, Oregon recently set his sights on Scott Safran's 1982 Asteroids world record at the Ground Kontrol Arcade in Portland. Carlton had notched up some 12.7 million points when, after 27 hours of play, the ageing arcade machine malfunctioned and brought his record attempt to an abrupt end. According to Walter Day, editor of Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, Carlton would have needed to play for over two more days to beat Safran's score of 41 million.

    "Long-range, high scoring marathons like Carlton's were the meat and potatoes of the video gaming world back in the early '80s," said Day, who personally organized many such marathons for Twin Galaxies back in the classic age of gaming. "You were deemed a star if you could take a game for days on a single quarter. It brought tremendous prestige and everybody tried to master their favorite game and marathon it."

    27 hours in, and he was still another 48 from getting the record. Jebus. Not to mention he just wasted all that time for no reason basically.

  2. Yeah, it was in The Oregonian a week or so ago. Pretty sad. The arcade op said that he's going to get a new board and make darned sure it doesn't happen again ;p

  3. Damn. I mean, really. Damn.

    I bet the look on the guy's face was priceless when the screen went dead. At least Asteroids is worthy of being played for that long.

  4. Damn! At least he was playing a game that rocks. Safran's record is tough shit. All I've ever managed was 4 Million.

  5. $5,000,000,000 says that that guy is still a virgin...

  6. My father-in-law has an astroids machine that I'm going to aquire once I own a home. Even when I have the machine in my own home, I doubt I will ever log a grand total of 27 hours ever.

  7. Well it could have been worse...he could have only needed another hours worth of playing when it happened.

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    Imagine if it died a few seconds away from breaking the record.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FX-ism
    Imagine if it died a few seconds away from breaking the record.

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    Wait, you can't pause this game.

    For days. How does that work out?
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