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Thread: Absolutely insane Ikaruga video

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    Absolutely insane Ikaruga video

    This is absolutely fucking CRAZY. One person playing Player 1 AND 2 of Ikaruga at the same time.


    - FX

  2. That was disturbingly awesome! I've seen a lot of crazy shit, but that is unexplainable. His hand/eye coordination is just sick. Thanks for the link FX-ism.

  3. I think i'm going to go shoot myself in the face now...

  4. I had only heard about such videos before, very nice find.

    However, the chapter 3 video is almost hard to believe, especially at the boss battle. But regardless, wow.

  5. It just had to be a .wmv

    I only get sound, dammit.

  6. I....just.....umm..... wow. That's....


  7. How are you guys watching it? I can't see sh*t!!
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  8. Just *slightly* insane...

    ...trying to figure out if this is more impressive than the Ikaruga Appreciate DVD or not...

  9. That was some scary shit.

  10. if you're on a mac, you will only get sound on a .wmv file.
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