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Thread: Idol Master

  1. Idol Master

  2. If Hemingway wouldn't play it, neither would I.
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  3. Well, ok, for anyone confused about what type of game this is, ill give you the run down.

    You are the director of an Idol project, your task is go interview various different girls for lead parts in a 3 girl international/worldwide TV broadcast. As you are the director, you must decide, oversee, and make all final choices on which girls you higher, how they dance, what they wear, and how and what they sing. The result is then portrayed by a % of viewers, like "Space Channel 5"

  4. If that game wasn't so drenched with the Japanese language, I would import it.

    Then of course, I can't stand Japanese music so there goes that too.

    Damn. It should come with voice communication support so you can yell at your girls after the show because the one in the back took a 1 inch step out of place and how that 1 inch just came between them and super stardom, and now we all have her to blame for living in trailers and eating nothing but cup ramen every day.

    It should also come packed in with tissues, cried on by real Japanese schoolgirls.

    I should work for Namco.
    Play Guitar Hero //

  5. Oh...

    Oh, HELL YES! Now there's a game for Compass! ::slides hands together::

  6. I thought this topic was Idolize Master, which would be good because I already do that on a daily basis. Imagine my dissappointment ;/

  7. GOTY

  8. I wonder how many of you are serious...

    Because I actually... umm... seriously think this game looks awesome.

    Then again, I used to love playing those dating sims... so I'm not all that surprised...

    I once played this horrible idol managing game back on the Saturn or something... it's amazing how far we've come.

  9. i'm serious about it being GOTY.

    if, on the off chance, that this does somehow make its way into a local arcade (doubtful), i'll be sure to be the first on line, and then hog the machine to myself, playing like a giddy little school girl.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sl1p
    It should also come packed in with tissues, cried on by real Japanese schoolgirls.
    you've got me sold. i'll take 40 copies please.

  10. i'm 100% serious. i love catchy, japanese pop music sung by cute girls. most people who don't either haven't discovered it yet or just take themselves way too seriously.


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