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Thread: Schlep's eBay craziness

  1. Schlep's eBay craziness

    I'm going through a bunch of stuff from Saturn up through the current systems. I'm gonna be adding 5 new games every weekday too.

    Schlep's eBay list

    I'll start out with a list of what's currently up and continue to update as new things get added.

    Crimson Skies Mint
    Advance Wars Near Mint
    Golden Sun 2 Mint
    King of Fighters Evolution Near Mint
    Pokemon: Sapphire Version New
    Project Gotham Racing Mint
    Guilty Gear X2 Mint

  2. Why is shipping over four bucks for a GBA game? Wouldn't those fit inside a priority flat-rate envelope?

  3. Priority is $3.85 now.

    I throw in an extra few cents for packing materials, gas, etc. I bubblewrap and tape the games so they don't get cracked or damaged during shipping. The extra $0.45 makes sure your game doesn't arrive broken (I think there are a couple of comments about it in my feedback).

  4. Priority is $4.30 with delcon, so that's not a bad rate. It's quick too.

    I would snap up that KoF if you'd take a money order.

  5. Sorry Melf.

    I put up today's lot of stuff:

    Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance New
    Xenosaga (non-GH) Mint
    Jet Set Radio Future Mint
    DOAXV Mint
    Genma Onimusha Mint

  6. Capcom vs. SNK 2: EO Near Mint
    Dead or Alive 3 Fair
    Devil May Cry (GH) Mint
    Street Fighter Zero 3 Good
    Power Stone 2 (Import) New

  7. Dino Crisis (DC) New
    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (DC) Near Mint
    Floigan Brothers New
    Skies of Arcadia Mint
    Tech Romancer New

  8. This one coming up tomorrow is going to be the motherload of what I'm selling. I'm going to have it up by about 7pm CST at the latest and I'll post again once it's up. Here goes:

    Ikaruga (DC Import) New
    Shining Force III Mint
    Garou: Mark of the Wolves (DC Import) Mint
    House of the Dead 2 with Sunset gun (DC Import) Near Mint
    Neo Geo Pocket Color w/ 5 games Card Fighter's Clash: SNK Edition, Match of the Millenium, Fatal Fury: 1st contact, King of Fighters R2, Bust-a-Move Pocket Mostly Mint

  9. Sorry it took so long, I ran into some issues with my taxes.

    These are already listed on eBay and will be visible tomorrow night at 9pm EST. Bid them up! I'm poor.

  10. Looks like you are going to make a killing on that Tech Romancer game. I was going to bid until I saw what the bid was up to.


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