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Thread: AC adapter inquiry

  1. AC adapter inquiry

    Well I bought a used NES on Ebay and it came with a SNES AC adapter that isn't compatible. The only thing I have that fits are the Jaguar AC adapters. I am worried that it might fry the NES. Anyone have any experience with interchangeable adapters for the NES? Thanks

  2. I'd check the power rating on both the NES and the Jaguar AC Adapter. Very likely they are not the same and will blow up your NES. You could order an AC Adapter off of Nintendo if they have them.

  3. It works! I did some searching on the internet and found this and it described the Jag ac adapter was compatible so I gave it a shot and sure enough works great.

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    If you've got the original model of Genesis or Sega CD those adapters will work also.
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  5. The NES is very forgiving when it comes to a power source, unlike many other consoles, the input of the NES has a bridge retificter on it first so it can take AC, or either plug polarity... Ive seen them run happly on anything from 9 to 12 volts as well.
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