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Thread: Jacon 2004

  1. Jacon 2004

    Whos going? Me and my cousin Shinobi128 are planning on attending all 3 days. Im looking forward to some of the tourneys they will be holding in the gameroom this year. I hope to find some good GGXX competition.

    Jacon is held on the UCF campus in orlando FL. This will be my 2nd year going to Jacon, I had a blast my first time.

  2. wtf, fl gets all the cons

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stormy
    wtf, fl gets all the cons
    One of the only good things about Florida?

    After Jacon, as far as I know, there are two more "major" cons this year. Metrocon in June/July, and Anime Festival Orlando in August.

    This will be my first year at Jacon.


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