I need money, buy my stuff. Folks I have a Commodore 1084 original model RGB monitor for sale. Screen size is 14 inches I believe. Even has front control panel door cover, but the one latch is broken, but it still snaps on. Screen is great condition. I think one speaker is blown on the left side? One of the sides...but a cheap set of computer speakers will work nicer anyway.

Item also comes with an RGB monitor cable made by Matt, so all you need is the console end, which attached to it (Matt makes them for like 10-15 per console). He makes them that way for easy switching...also works well with switch box setups like I have.

Picture is insanely good on these monitors through RGB.

I will ship UPS with tracking and insurance at cost.

So yeah, I'll take some pictures tonight. I'm looking around 45 + shipping for it...but offers are welcome...