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Thread: .ogg file format

  1. Japan .ogg file format

    This week, I've stumbled across a new audio format by accidently DL music in .ogg format.

    From what I've read .ogg format records at better quality than high bps mp3's at a lower file size. I was just wonder if anyone could verify that. Also what do some of you think of the new file format. Do you like it? Does it sound better? Do you think it could replace mp3?

    Heres a link for more reading.

    vogg orbis

  2. It won't replace mp3... because people are used to mp3.

    Why do people still use VCRs?

  3. vcr's are slowly fadeing out. Same thing with cassette tapes, they'll phase out but still some people will use em.

    So I'm guessing mp3's could fade out too, if a smaller and better file format came out. All it really takes is for people and mp3 players to start supporting it.

    I'm wondering if .ogg will play off cd if burned onto it.

  4. The thing about Ogg is that the format is "open", the mp3 format has some legality issues with it (not only for file swapping but some sort of licensing from the mpeg group or something like that), ogg vorbis formats (ogg audio, ogm video) are all open source formats. That's my understanding of the situation, anyway.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rtificial
    Ogg Vorbis.

    Yes, they're all open codecs. People will start using it once the MP3 player devices accept them. Ogg Theora (the video version) is wonderous -- it can act just like a DVD, with multiple audio tracks, subtitles, etc. Divx, while cool, cannot do that, and is still tied to the MPEG people. Ogg is neato stuff.

  6. I'm loving the OGG format with the Lupin stuff I've seen that uses it. While there is room for improvement, that's true for anything, and this format deserves a chance to really shine.
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  7. I'm surprised more people don't know about Ogg Vorbis. I mean with this RIAA suing spree, you'd think people would start file sharing with a lesser known file format like .ogg so the wouldn't get caught. Heck, the file size is smaller, it's open source and even sounds better. So why isn't everyone using this again?

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    It's been around for years, it's not very new. It really should be used more, but it likely never will.

  9. Ogg Vorbis is mostly loved by zealous Open Source nerds like those found on Slashdot.

    There's very little chance of it overtaking MP3, as only 1 or 2 hardware players support it, and less than 1% of the market actually cares. This is in no way comparable to DVD vs VHS, since that represents a *progression* in tech.

    I've been encoding my audio in AAC. The default encoder for iTunes, and now Winamp.

  10. Exactly - Ogg isn't new, and it isn't used much beyond *NIX nerds and the such. MP3 might not be an open format, but let me ask you - when is the last time YOU paid to use MP3? Never? Then it doesn't really matter much, does it?

    I'm with Kenshin - AAC is pretty much all I use anymore.
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