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Thread: Official "What do you want?" thread

  1. Official "What do you want?" thread

    I figured it would be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to requests. I'll start.

    I want a copy of Panzer Bandit for the PSOne.

  2. Socom 2

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    Valkryie Profile, but I'm cheap.

  4. NBA on NBC Showtime for the Dc.

  5. Genesis games.

  6. Zerodash's copy of SFA 3.

    Do you have an Xbox or Gamecube? Cuz I could make a trade.

  7. PS2 REZ (US)

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    Crows: The Battle Action for Sega Saturn
    Currently collectiong all 55 Saturn shmups:
    Progress: 35/55
    ^^^ Now there's a website for it!

  9. video game related pins. preferably smallerish ones, but it depends.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Rich
    Valkryie Profile, but I'm cheap.
    I've got one, it's just the 2 discs and they're a tad on the scratched side. Highly playable though, if that's all your looking for.
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