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Thread: Saturn games plus 2 Nintendo Power Promo Items FS/FT

  1. Saturn Saturn games plus 2 Nintendo Power Promo Items FS/FT

    First item is the "Donkey Kong Country Exposed" promo video. I vaguely recall watching it once when I first got it. Should still be watchable.
    Second item is a sealed pack of Mega Man pogs. Oh how I remember the 1 month these things were cool...

    Saturn games: (can get pictures of these if need be)
    1)Mechwarrior 2 - $5 - cd, cracked generic jewel case, and 1/2 a manual...yes some moron cut it in half to fit it in the jewel case (and no it was not me).
    2)Iron Storm - $15 - cd, saturn jewel case (front of case falls off hinges when opened), manual is in great shape (even has registration card)
    3)Resident Evil - $8 - cd, saturn jewel case (no side or back art), manual
    4)Mystaria: The Realms of Lore - $8 - cd, saturn jewel case (with side label and back art), NO manual

    Looking for PC/DC/PS1/N64 games, and possibly Saturn items. Make me an offer and I'll let you know.

    To get ahold of me either post in this thread, PM me, or Email me (in profile). I have Ebay feedback under isaac88mph. I usually ship via USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation.

    Picture of the Nintendo Power items:

    Thanks for looking!
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  2. was that tape the one where they show the "ultra 64" being played in a room at the very end?

  3. Yep (I still don't know how I got one). I didn't sign up for anything ever or subscribe to NP.

  4. yeah they just sent me one out of the blue as well.

  5. *bump for Saturn games*

  6. *bump*


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