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Thread: Okami (PC, PS4, XboxOne)

  1. fucking awesome. it's as if capcom decided to make a game based on the team viewtiful intro. i hope it hits the xbox or cube. this looks too cool to not be in progressive scan.

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    Holy shit, that looks amazing. It's hard to tell how it will play though.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater
    Holy shit, that looks amazing.
    Quote Originally Posted by epmode
    i hope it hits the xbox or cube. this looks too cool to not be in progressive scan.

  4. The game is being made by Clover Studio, which is headed up by the Viewtiful Joe producer.

    More info on Clover

  5. Looks gorgeous. Love how it has the stamped signature just like a traditional sumi-e painting.

  6. That's purdy.

    I like the bit of info I read at Gamespot. You are a god, and therefore powered by people's belief in you. The more good deeds you do, the more favor you'll win and the more powerful you'll get. Also, the graphics are designed to make you want to explore around and check out the scenery, instead of constantly charging into battle.
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  7. Looks like Otogi with a photoshop filter applied, though I'll wait to see it in motion before making any rash judgements. The idea of playing as a wolf instead of the traditional human character is interesting by itself.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Zerodash
    Exactly. Just like how there hasn't been another Powerstone or Rival Schools game
    If it's too convenient nowadays, Capcom just can't do it.

    They'll put out some good ideas and maybe an early beta and then cancel it.

  9. Those screens, especially the first one, are amazing.

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